Saturday, April 14, 2012

Myglam Bag for April

So, I recieved my very first myglam bag this month, april 2012, and am fairly please with what I recieved. It came in a shiny pink makeup bag which happens to be my least favorite thing about the bag. I was hoping for somethinga little cuter, but whatever, you can't always get what you want right? With the bag came a card with a picture of the founders on the front and a discription of all of the items on the back, the theme for this months bag was "girls night out". The first item in my bag was a pair of false lashes, which i have not tried yet, but my first impression is that they are very big and very synthetic looking. They don't look awful, i think with a little cutting they could potentially look very cute, and very dramatic. Next I pulled out a lip quench by Dermstore. I really am enjoying this product, it smells like pina colada and makes my lips feel very nice and smooth. I also recieved a travel sized eyeliner by Urban Decay in the color "Junkie". It is a green color with sparkles in it, which i dont think is necessary for eyeliner, however it is a product that i like by urban decay. And last, but not least came two Myglam makeup brushes, one eyeshadow brush and one eyeliner brush. My over all opinion of this months bag is that Myglam seems to be getting better, but there is still room for improvement. Like perhaps put name brand things in there bag instead of asian eyelashes that we have nowhere we could buy them from and not putting things that are generally free, like the dermstore lip quench, with purchase. I have to give them credit though, because they are improving.

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