Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My LEAST Favorite EyeShadows

Okay Guys,
I dont want to be negative today, however whenever I watch videos on Youtube, it seems like I am always hearing great things about somethings that I absolutely loathe. I wanted to share my opinion on the off chance that someone might read this and agree with me 100%.

1.) WetnWild Eyeshadows~ Can I just say that these are not my least favorite shadows in the world, however I would not ever recommend these to anyone like so many youtube makeup guru's seem to be doing nowdays. For what reason? Well first of all, the shadows may seem very pigmented when you swatch them, or even when you first put them on, but give it an hour and the shadow shades, some people may be into that, but I want my makeup to look the same all day long, not gradually wear off. Another reason is that they seem to be very flaky to me, or powdery. The moment I put it on my lid it seems like the shadow is going all over my face, which is a no-no in my book. Other than those reasons, I have no complaints. But those reasons are enough for me not to buy wet-n-wild eyeshadows any longer, even if they do only cost a dollar.

2.) Covergirl Eyeshadows~ Okay, I understand people who use covergirl, I used to be one of them. I was young and those were really the only commercials or advertisements that i saw about makeup. So that's what I bought. Granted being a teenager you think you know it all, but that is very VERY rarely the case. I feel like covergirl has very little staying power, and wears off rather quickly. And the price is ridiculous. I can buy a nyx shadow for the same price or cheaper than cover girl and the product is about a million times better in my opinion. I know I didn't say a whole lot about them, but I would have to say Covergirl is my absolute least favorite shadow. At least wet n wild is pigmented.

3.) Pixi Eyeshadows~ Pixi is a target brand I beleive, I bought my first and only pixi palette online from target.com. It was around $20 and it looked really nice in the picture, however when i recieved it in the mail it was a tiny little palette. Then I tried to use the shadows, which were very pretty, if not super small, in the packaging. I could barely see the shadows on my eyelids, and I am a pretty white girl, so they should have showed up. I'm not sure if the pixi shadows just hate my skin or what, but I would not recommend them in my lifetime. Way too expensive for very inferior product.

Anywas, that's enough of my ranting, if I try out more shadows that I feel just dont make the cut I will add them to list of Least favorite shadows. Thanx for reading guys, and I hope this helped you in some small way. xoxo

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