Sunday, May 20, 2012

May MyGlam Bag

So my first impression of this myglam bag was that it smells really bad. lol. But that is about the only bad thing I can say about it. The bag is really cute, blue with pink lips on it. And I really enjoyed the products in this months bag. The first thing that came out of my bag were the "iss beauty nail blings" I was excited about these because I have just recently been more and more interested in nail products, I have not tried these yet, however I am pretty excited to. Next I pulled out the "Philosophy love sweet love perfume" I like trying out new perfumes, and I must say that this perfume smelled sooo good. very fruity flowery scent. very summery and nice, it is a little strong so a little bit will go a long way. Then I recieved a full size studio gear lipstick, in the color "teaberry". This isn't the perfect shade for summer in my opinion, but it does look really nice on my skin tone and I might get more use out of it in the fall and winter months. I do like the lipstick and the packaging also. Then last but not least were the 2 more brushes that came in this months bag, a concealer brush and a what looks to be a liner brush. I am not super fond of the concealer brush but the other one is perfect for lining under your eyes. So all in all I am very happy with this bag, I got to try new things and get a super cute bag to go with. Thank you MyGlam.

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